Autism Early Diagnosis London

Autism Early Diagnosis London

Symptoms To Watch For Autism Early Diagnosis In London

Autism spectrum disorder is typically referred to ASD. It is a problem that affects a person's communication, behavior, interests, and, and social interactions. The symptoms of autism spectrum disorder typically become visible before the child is three years old. However, it can become visible even after age three. Research has shown that more boys are diagnosed with autism than girls. There is no known cure for ASD, but there are different support systems available for autistic children. Things like language and speech therapy, special educational support, and other forms of intervention are available for the autistic child.

Symptoms Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

The major signs of ASD are problems with social interaction and communication. During the early stages of the life of an autistic child, using vocal sounds may be difficult. Most infants with autism don't babble. When they grow older, they have difficulty using nonverbal behaviors to communicate. Most of them have difficulty giving or understanding eye contact, body language, and facial expressions. They may ignore people and give no eye contact or only brief eye contact. It doesn't matter if they are familiar with the people or not. Children with autism spectrum disorder may lack awareness and have no interest in other children within their age range. They either prefer to play alone or play with older or younger children. They have difficulty understanding the feelings of others and have a hard time starting conversations. Even when they are interacting, they may not know how to engage in these discussions properly. They often have difficulty in language development, use of gestures and even facial expressions.

Autistic children may repeat phrases and words that are spoken by others rather than formulating their language. Sometimes, a child with autism might have difficulty formulating pretend play or may keep repeating the same pretend play.

Some autistic children may stick to a familiar routine, and when you try to make them change, they may start throwing tantrums. Some may result in self-harm when they don't have their way.

Children and young adults with ASD regularly experience a range of learning, cognitive, behavioral and emotional problems. Over 70% of autistic children are diagnosed with ADHD (an attention disorder). Children with this disorder have a low IQ. They suffer severe learning difficulties. Many autistic children are diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. These are some of the symptoms you should observe for autism early diagnosis in London.

Autism Early Diagnosis In London

One of the main symptoms of autism is difficulty communicating and interacting with a social group. It is typically easy to diagnose autism at an early age. Sometimes, a parent might notice a symptom after the child has experienced a change.

It is important that you visit your child's doctor for autism early diagnosis in London the moment you notice any of these symptoms. If you feel the cognitive development of your child is rather slow, then you should talk to a doctor. There are many provisions made to make life easier for children with autism and their parents. Learning about your child's options as soon as possible is important.


Autism Early Diagnosis London
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