Autism London

Autism London

Dispelling The Most Common Myths About Autism For London Parents

Autism is a topic that many parents in the London area are forced to deal with as their children grow up. It is an area of concern for many and when these types of concerns arise, misinformation tends to spread at a rate that cannot be controlled. In order to put a swift and decisive end to the misconceptions, we have prepared a list of the most common myths about autism for parents in the London region.

A child who is on the autism spectrum needs love and understanding from their friends and loved ones. That's why it is important that we read on to learn more about the myths that need to be dispelled in these instances.

1) Autistic Children Can't Socialize

When it comes to autism, there are a wide range of people who have allowed themselves to believe that children who fall on the spectrum are unable to socialize. There is even a belief that they do not desire any new friends. On the contrary, children with autism may struggle with their social skills but this does not mean that they are unable to make friends. They have the same desire for friendship as any other child.

2) Autistic Children Don't Express Their Emotions

Having autism does not make a person unable to feel their own emotions and it does not make them unable to express themselves either. This is one of the most commonly circulated myths as far as autistic children are concerned and it is false. They simply express themselves and communicate in a variety of different ways.

3) Autistic Children Can't Process Others' Emotions

While a child with autism may struggle to understand certain emotional or verbal cues, that does not mean that they do not process anyone else's emotions. Unspoken forms of communication might be tougher to understand for these children and that is an area that must be addressed. However, they are still able to understand the emotions that are communicated to them in a more direct manner.

4) Autistic Children Are Fundamentally Disabled

Parents of autistic children who are unaware of certain myths that have been allowed to spread will often find themselves believing things that are simply not true. There are certainly going to be limitations that must be addressed. On the other hand, autistic children can also have exceptional abilities that are just waiting to be unlocked. A child that has autism will typically have an average IQ and in many cases, they have an IQ that is much higher than expected.

5) The Characteristics Are The Same For All Children

Let's say that you have been given the chance to spend time around one child who has been diagnosed with autism. Getting to know a child who has autism does not make anyone an expert on the disorder. The specifics of the disorder are always going to vary greatly from child to child and that is why it is important to remember one key fact. Knowing one child with autism means that we simply know one child's story. This information cannot be extrapolated in a meaningful way.


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