Earlychildhood Intervention London

Earlychildhood Intervention London

Autism And Early Childhood Development In London

Though autism has always been around, doctors did not associate it with a particular developmental issue until the early 1900s. The medical field has grown rapidly since then and in today's society, doctors recognize autism symptoms in children that are very young.

Before medical professionals put a name to the illness, people were often told their child needs discipline. The parents were insulted and berated because they could not control their child. Worse, the child had no way of expressing what he was going through. The parent knew instinctively that something was wrong. A parent can look at their child and know that there was something not quite right in the struggle to control the child.

A look into their world

Imagine if you were to walk into a room and suddenly you were blinded by a huge searchlight. Imagine, at that moment, bone-shaking sirens were going off in your ear and around you. You look around you and the children are screaming and screeches of screams would tear through the air. You would at best be shaken and unable to focus.

That is a look into the world of a child who needs early childhood intervention. London has many experts in the field of developmental problems. A child with autism often has sensory challenges. Normal sounds to you and I are exaggerated and frightening to the child with these issues. The way a shirt feels against his arms may send him into a meltdown. He has problems communicating that the shirt feels like fiberglass on his skin, and his insistence that he doesn’t like the shirt makes you frustrated. Certain lights, colors, and foods “bother” the child. He will eat the same food over and over and will rarely try anything different.

Early diagnosis

A wise parent does not ignore the way her child tries to process sensory stimulation. She knows something is abnormal from a very young age. The child would get hysterical over playing a game like stacking blocks if they fell down. Her child would get upset at the smell of vinegar while dying Easter Eggs and would go to his room to get away from the rancid odor.

Specialists for early childhood intervention in London advise parents to have their child screened at around the age of 18-months old. At that stage, they can identify and treat the disorder.

Changing the quality of life

There is no cure for autism. However, there is treatment. Parents, siblings, and extended family can learn methods to prevent sensory stimulation meltdown and ways to restore the order of the family after a meltdown. Teachers can work with a child and allow him tools to learn without making him feel flawed or different.

There are medications that help with some of the symptoms. These medications are a great tool. But your child will have his sensory problems throughout life, He will have a higher quality of life if he is taught how to manage them.

The earlier the treatment begins, the less intrusive it is for your life, Autism tends to cause friction in the family unless they are aware of the problems and work on them as a team. However, there is a great promise on the horizon, in this field. Don’t wait. If you have concerns, the earlier you know, the better.


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