Language Therapy Autism London

Language Therapy Autism London

Basic Principles Of Language Therapy For Autism In London

Children with autism are different around the world. Each one has unique needs, and this applies to their communicative needs as well. For this reason, there is no one size fits all plan for language therapy for autism in London. Each child needs a unique plan. When you are thinking of the best way to help a child with autism, take note of these basic principles and follow them when you are making a plan for a child with autism.

Basic Principles Of Language Therapy For Autism In London

1) Lay A Foundation For Spontaneous And Functional communication

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that the child can communicate spontaneously and functionally. The child should be able to tell you and those around his or her basic needs. The adults should not always have to ask the child what he or she wants all the time. If the child already knows how to communicate spontaneously and functionally, then you have a head start. If the child isn't speaking, you will need to introduce alternative methods of communication.

2) Give The Child Social Instructions

A child who has autism needs to know some social instructions. Most children with autism do not easily understand which behavior is socially acceptable and which is not. The instructions they get at school aren't enough to guide them on socially acceptable behavior. So, it is important that you teach them by giving them direct instructions for social behavior. Social stories and visual supports are especially useful for teaching the child socially acceptable behavior. You can also try video modeling. The method you use to teach the child should depend on what the child enjoys and what is most efficient for the child.

3) Teach Them How To Socialize With Peers

Most children with autism have a hard time socializing with their peers. You need to teach the child how to make friends and how to communicate with friends freely. The skill you should use to teach the child depends on the age of the child as well as the developmental level of the child. For younger children, you can try teaching them peer interaction skills such as play skills, name response skills, joint attention skills. If the child is older, you can teach target conversational skills, and perspective-taking skills.

4) As The Child Improves, Fine Tune The Communication Skills

When you have made progress with the child, and you see that the child is making improvements, you need to start paying attention to some other issues. These seemingly unserious problems will also impact the child's communication skills. As a parent or a teacher to a child with autism, you need to look out for small errors in communication like grammar errors, errors with speech sounds, difficulty using figurative language, and answering questions. Look out for these things in the child and try to correct them.

Children with autism need love and care. You need to be patient during language therapy for autism in London. It's not going to be overnight. They will learn these skills over time.


Language Therapy Autism London
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