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Petra Ecclestone: 4 Myths About Autism

Significant scientific researches have been carried out and awareness has been done about autism. These significant efforts have produced outstanding results that have helped many people to understand what autism really is and how to help a loved one who is autistic. However, there are still some misguided sentiments about autism that need to be debunked.

Listed below are 4 myths about autism you should know:

1) Autism is a childhood condition, so they will only need professional help, in places like Petra Ecclestone, when they are kids. You are misguided if you think this is true. Here is the fact: autism is lifelong—plain and simple. In some places around the world, there are more adults that are autistic than kids. This reason why this might sound interesting is because it is quite common that adults that are autistic have been overlooked especially in research. It is easy to guess why this is so.

It will do an autistic child more good, if they have the right support with communication, language, and anxiety in places like Petra Ecclestone. This will help them tremendously later on in life when they are adult, but that does not mean that they will not have autism.

2) Autism is caused by vaccines. An assumption has been made about autism that centered on vaccines as MMR as the primary cause of autism. this is not true. In fact, it is one of the biggest myths about autism. Extensive scientific researches about vaccination have been done on myriad of people that shows, with certainty, that vaccination does not cause autism. You could meet an expert to educate you more, if you feel that that is what you need to be convinced about this.

3) Autistic people have a special talent for some things that others do not. A lot of autistic adults and parents have been bombarded by these questions about whether their autistic loved ones have talents that are special. This is one of the commonest myths about autism that you need to know about.

To begin with, humans have weaknesses and strengths. It will be safe to assume this about autistic children and adults. However, it is wrong to assume that autistic people can be equated to Albert Einstein!

The fact of the matter is that it is only a small percentage of autistic adults and children that have special talents: the figure is about 28 percent. And the cause of this is yet unknown.

4) Generally speaking, an autistic person is someone who will have learning difficulties. It is untrue to make such generalization about autistic people. With the right professional support in suitable environments, in places such as Petra Ecclestone, they are independent and very able to learn. It is only one out of four autistic people that speak few or no words. Though this is the reality, they find other ways to communicate. And it is also a fact that some take longer to process information. This does not mean that they do not understand.

And also, autistic people are known to have strength more than those without autism.


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