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4 Myths About Autism You Should Know: Petra Ecclestone In UK

Do you think you know all the facts about autism? You may be surprised that some of those sentiments you call facts are not. Why? Autism has always been surrounded by misconceptions and myths, not to mention mystery. However, there have been significant increases in scientific studies (in research places such as Petra Ecclestone in UK) that debunk most of those myths and misconceptions.

To shed light on it, here are 4 myths about autism that need to be debunked:

1) Autism is curable with the right amount of medication. It is good to be optimistic especially when it has to do with autism, since it will require more attention than you could provide sometimes. However, it is a simply a ruse to think that it is curable: it is a life-long disorder.

You should not be sad that it is incurable. And you should not worry about taking proper care for your loved one who is autistic. People with the disorder can live comfortably, productive, independent lives. However, sometimes you will have to take care of them. With proper education, interventions, and therapies, the challenges can be effectively managed. Remember that you can get all the help you need in places like Petra Ecclestone in UK. Besides, you may need medication for gastrointestinal disorders and other problem behaviors that are usually associated with autism.

2) Bad parenting is the main cause of autism. Decades ago, there was this popular theory that is called the ‘refrigerator mother hypothesis.’ It suggests that autism is caused by mothers with terrible parenting skills. Nothing could be further from the truth. No matter how bad the parenting skills of a mother are, it cannot cause autism. So, you should discard this with prejudice: there is no iota of truth in the statement.

3) Autism is a disease. It is quite normal if you think that autism could be classified as some form of mental illness: such as bipolar disorder or any other psychiatric disease. It is inaccurate to think that it is a disease. ASD or Autism Spectrum Disorder is simply a neurodevelopment disorder. The effect this have on an individual is that it impairs the ability of that individual to interact and communicate with other normal people. Do you know what causes this disorder? It is caused by environmental factors, and more importantly, different genetic combinations. And there is more than one type of it.

That is why it is obvious that autistic people usually show signs of poor communication and social interaction skills. So, it will be accurate to say that it is who they are. You should not think of it as ‘what they have’ which you could call a sickness. Families that have autistic people could live comfortably as it is treated as an entity with guidance from Petra Ecclestone in UK.

4) Learning is impossible for a child who is autistic. This is also not true. You need to get the right education to be able to teach autistic children. You should approach the child the right way and know how to teach them. If you do it right they will learn quite okay.


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