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Why Your Autistic Child Should Be Sent To Petra’s Place

To be able to give your autistic child the necessary support, there are certain things you should know about him. Some of them may sound incredible but they are true because they are results of thorough studies. Here are some of the facts.

A lot of children with autism think visually

Some children with ASD think in pictures so they find it very difficult to process words or language. If your child is one of such, it is better you communicate with him with diagrams and pictures. This is why you should register him in a special school like Petra’s Place.

In Petra’s Place, there are resources and materials to teach autistic children with pictures and diagrams. However, with time they will also develop language processing functions and will be able to respond to it. In addition, Petra’s Place provides several therapies that will also improve their other skills. The best way to handle autism is to provide necessary therapies as early as possible.

Autistic children don’t understand long verbal communication

As mentioned above, a lot of children with ASD find it difficult to process words. They relate with pictures better. Even those that can handle spoken words understand it in bits. If you make a long sentence, they may get lost in the middle. So you have to break your sentence down into several bits.

You will now pass the information one after the other. However, you should be sure they understand one part of the information before you give another one. The main reason for this difficulty is their inability to remember long sequence. In fact, a good number of children with ASD can only process three words at a time. That is why you need to break the information down for them otherwise, they will only process the last few words and this may be meaningless without the preceding ones.

Every autistic child has a gift which should be discovered

To make up for their deficiencies, children having ASD are always gifted in one thing or the other. This gift should be discovered early enough and it should be developed. Some of them have super-sharp sight, some have strong instinct that makes them sense danger days ahead. In addition, some of them are very good at computer programming, art, or other kinds of drawing. So, it is better to discover this talent early enough so that you can develop it. This could be his source of livelihood in future.

A good example is Lionel Messi, one of the greatest soccer players in the world. He is an Argentine and he plays for Barcelona Football Club in Spain. He was autistic as a kid but his football skill was discovered and developed.

Only one other player comes close to what Messi has achieved in soccer. Imagine what a huge loss it would have been if his parents had given up on him. This is why you should not give up on your autistic child. He can still learn, grow, and thrive even more than normal children. But you must take the right steps early enough.

In conclusion, it is very important to study your child and observe everything about him and most importantly, watch out for his rare gift.


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