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Autistic jazz pianist Matt Savage - at the time age 14 - playing an upbeat song with a 7/4 time signature (7 beats to a bar), hence called Seven Up. It illustrates remarkable rhythm perception, attention to detail, systemising (music is a system) & savants https://t.co/jG58hb4s1x

Remember to vote for us in the upcoming Good Web Guide Awards! Help us get our website out to all those who may benefit from Petra's Place and the therapies we offer. https://t.co/rVEcnV6hOG
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Sometimes a mainstream holiday environment can be overwhelming and daunting for children with autism and their families. We love the tips and advice given by @Autism on managing holidays when travelling with children with autism.
#autism #holiday #summer

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Thank you for your interest in Petra’s Place. Our Centre works tirelessly to educate and support the growth and development of pre-school children with autism and their families. Our aim is to maximise a child’s potential to create happy children and happy young families. To register your interest, fill in the form here. You can also contact us at info@petrasplace.co.uk. A member from our team will be in touch with you, and provide more information at the appropriate time.

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