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Individualized Support

The Petra Ecclestone Foundation, parent charity to the Petra’s Place centres, exists to provide funds to support young people and their families who are directly or indirectly affected by autism and by meningitis. Offering direct services and support for pre-school children with autism at Petra’s Place, The Petra Ecclestone Foundation also provides backing to other organisations and research centres working to improve understanding and available therapies for autism and for meningitis.

The first of the Petra’s Place centres for early diagnosis and treatment of autism opens in 2018 in Kensington & Chelsea, London. Designed, developed and operated by experts in the field of autism the centres provide services and support to meet the needs of the young children and their families who use them.


Early Interventions

Philanthropist and mother of 3 Petra Ecclestone set up this Foundation to help fund work in her areas of concern, autism and meningitis, both conditions affecting children and young people that have touched her personally. Seeing friends and contemporaries with small children, of an age similar to her own, experiencing difficulties and potentially on the autistic spectrum, Petra saw their struggle to access the right facilities for diagnosis and therapy and was moved to action, she wanted to help. Having lived in America she also noticed how much smoother the process is there and consequently how it could be here. This need has driven her interest in expanding provision for young children and their families affected by autism, leading to the creation of Petra’s Place.

As a teenager, Petra contracted viral meningitis – a truly frightening experience that changed her life. For nearly a decade, she has campaigned to raise funds and awareness for the charity Meningitis Now, emphasising how important it is to recognise the symptoms and act quickly.

Happening Now

Happy Tuesday!! Whose ready for the holidays?? xx
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With Summer well and truly underway its always useful to have some outdoors activities that you can do with your children. One of our current favourites is a sensory food memory game. How many do they get right? How many can they remember at the end?#autism #fun #games #summer

We know having a child with autism means the change in temperature and routine can bring their own issues. We will bring you some ideas, hints and tips throughout the month to help you.
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Welcome to Petra’s Place

Thank you for your interest in Petra’s Place. Our Centre works tirelessly to educate and support the growth and development of pre-school children with autism and their families. Our aim is to maximise a child’s potential to create happy children and happy young families. To register your interest, fill in the form here. You can also contact us at info@petrasplace.co.uk. A member from our team will be in touch with you, and provide more information at the appropriate time.

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